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Surveillance Systems (CCTV)
DC Wiring offers a line of residential and commercial access control systems and video surveillance systems.

It has become commonplace to utilize video security in all aspects of everyday life. From preventing burglary and theft by employees to simply making sure your children are safe, there are surveillance solutions to fit every need. And with the prominence and availability of high-speed internet connectivity, remote monitoring and playback video has become affordable and reliable from anywhere in the world. Intercom systems are also making a comeback in today’s larger homes and commercial properties because equipment has become affordable.

Access control systems provide control of your entire facility or home. Manage all entry and exit activity. From software solutions with integrated video to hardware, card readers and keypad devices, or even a small remote control device like your car alarm. Security and IT have converged and at DC Wiring, we are experts at both.

DC Wiring offers a wide array of products that will exceed all of your needs, expectation and most importantly, stay within your budget
We can help you design and install any kind of closed circuit television system using the latest in PC or Linux based technology for your residential or commercial needs. CCTV Surveillance systems are now being used widely. People are using CCTV systems with remote viewing to make sure their houses or commercial properties are deterred from crimes of burglary break-ins. We can design and install a security system that starts recording on a DVR as soon as the cameras detect any movement. The DVR's are hooked up to the internet and you can view your house or a retail shop from anywhere in the world.

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